It's been said that Bryan Betz was born in a log cabin, miraculously sporting a full length beard on his chin and a stovepipe hat atop his head. Some might say "Lincoln. You're thinking of the fully-matured President, Abraham Lincoln," but rest assured, it was actually this guy.

A self-taught graphic designer from the age of 13, Bryan has lived a life dedicated to honing his craft. He graduated from Rowan University with two bachelor degrees: one in Advertising, and one in Radio, Television & Film Production. This laid a sturdy foundation of communication theory, advertising strategy, copywriting, and media planning that comprises his "all-inclusive" approach. He's spent the majority of his career at drinkcaffeine, a small but mighty full-service agency in Connecticut on the shores of the Long Island Sound.

Bryan can look at design tasks from a big-picture, top-level perspective, whilst executing the smallest details with pixel-perfect precision. His experience ranges from conceptualizing an entire brand platform, to designing and planning mobile apps and responsive websites, to creating eye-catching printed materials, to video production and animation. Bryan has experience serving several industries, including: destination resorts, healthcare, education, financial, B2B, and consumer-facing products.

When he's not practicing his craft, either professionally or recreationally, he travels from one Wawa to the next — across the country in his MINI Cooper; powered by puns, stand-up comedy, BBQ, and craft beer (not behind the wheel, obviously). He racks up the miles traveling to visit friends and family more weekends than not, has come up with more ideas for podcasts than anyone could ever produce in a lifetime, and was awarded TIME Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year (no, really).


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