It's been said that Bryan Betz was born in a log cabin, miraculously sporting a full length beard on his chin and a stovepipe hat atop his head. Some might say "Lincoln. You're thinking of the fully-matured President, Abraham Lincoln," but rest assured, it was actually this guy.

A self-taught graphic designer from the age of 13, Bryan has lived a life dedicated to honing his craft. He graduated from Rowan University with two bachelor degrees: one in Advertising, and one in Radio, Television & Film Production. This laid a sturdy foundation of communication theory, advertising strategy, copywriting, and media planning that comprises his "all-inclusive" approach. He's spent the majority of his career at drinkcaffeine, a small but mighty full-service agency in Connecticut on the shores of the Long Island Sound.

Bryan can look at design tasks from a big-picture, top-level perspective, whilst executing the smallest details with pixel-perfect precision. His experience ranges from conceptualizing an entire brand platform, to designing and planning mobile apps and responsive websites, to creating eye-catching printed materials, to video production and animation. Bryan has experience serving several industries, including: destination resorts, healthcare, education, financial, B2B, and consumer-facing products.

When he's not practicing his craft, either professionally or recreationally, he travels from one Wawa to the next — across the country in his bitchin' Camaro; powered by puns, stand-up comedy, BBQ, and craft beer (not behind the wheel, obviously). He racks up the miles traveling to visit friends and family more weekends than not, has a vast collection of hot sauces, and was awarded TIME Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year (no, really).


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